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The Company

XEN4M stand for eXperts in ENgineering 4(for) More. It shows that our experts have, beside a huge knowledge in engineering, also a broad know how in further areas, such as high end consulting and finite element analysis. This fact ensures that we have the possibilities to look out over the edge of the plate for your projects.

In 2009 the company was founded as a beside employment business to convert personal interestest and hobbies from the founder into a business idea.

As an engineering office for plant engineering we can look back into more than 20 years of experience in the pulp & paper industry and hydroelectric power plants.

Of course, we cannot know everything and the knowledge steady increase due to challenging projects. But take note that experience is not everything. Our unmatched common sense is the key for our success.

Engineering companies are experts in what they do at all. But, somehow it happens that general interests turned over the years into special fields of knowledge.

So, that how it happened to us. Therefore, we would like to point out our knowledge in flow simulation, specialized in multiphase flows based on more than 5 years of continuous simulation work.

Company Timeline

New office building

The company moved to a new office building at Kärntner Straße 392, Graz, Austria.

XEN4M e.U.

New company name has been applied.

Ambros Markus Ing.

Start-up of own business.